"I guess we can consider ourselves one of the "first families" of Chatterbox. My son Noah who is almost six years old came with Beth when she opened Chatterbox. He was two years old. At this point he currently works with FOUR of the wonderful therapists and has worked with two others on a short-term basis. Beth- Oh how we love Beth Fleming. She doesn't just make Chatterbox her job, it's her love and passion. She eagerly snatched up my two year old who couldn't speak, and has now been a huge part in his progression to full sentences.

 She was there for his first words and continues to use evidence-based practice and stay current with the latest research to help all of her kids develop into their best selves. You can't put a price on hearing "Mama" for the first time. There is nothing that my family would not do for this woman.


Kimber- Oh my favorite "food whisperer." She also took my then three- year old as one of her first kids here in Savannah. She is oh so patient and has helped my son in his ongoing food battle with textures and expanding his ability to eat something other than chicken fingers! Thanks Kimber!! Jessica- No offense but she is the one Noah talks about the most. :) She makes physical therapy FUN. Noah is always excited to play with Jessica. He is getting stronger and he doesn't even know it's work. When he needed a swing to help him practice real life on the playground Beth and  Jessica made it happen! Riding a bike? With Jessica the kid will do it! Kristin- Our newest addition. Kristin is sweet, patient, and kind.  She is helping Noah with his everyday skills like getting dressed, hand writing, and tying his shoes. As an occupational therapist, she is working on things so many people take for granted every day. Someone remarked to me that the staff at Chatterbox is always smiling. This is definitely true. When you walk in you can see it's a group who really love their job, loves their kids and are just happy to come to work every day. I love the positive atmosphere! So many doctors offices and therapy offices are overwhelming and don't take the time to deal with parents so they can understand what is going on with their child. Not so at Chatterbox. There is great communication and they are willing to go the extra mile to help. Ms. Pat in the office is wonderful and even Brittany in billing! Who can say that? As parents of special needs children we have enough disappointment and negative outcomes in our lives. We fight every single day for the best for our kids and boy is it a fight that's worth it. The staff at Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy is there to FIGHT WITH YOU. What more could we ever ask for? THANK YOU CHATTERBOX, WE LOVE YOU!!!! "



"My son has received services from Chatterbox for just over two years now. He's been fortunate to work with several of the therapists - for speech, occupational, and physical therapy. It wasn't our first therapy location for him, but it's definitely the best one, and I'm so thankful we ended up here!The progress he's made has been substantial! All of his therapists seem to have a genuine interest in maximizing his gains & abilities. I couldn't imagine a better team for my son than what we've found at Chatterbox."


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