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Welcome to Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy, where we turn every challenge into a chance to play, learn, and thrive! Our mission? It’s simple yet exciting: we’re on a quest to help amazing kids embrace their journey and rock their best lives.

Serving Pooler, Richmond Hill & The Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy, your child’s partner in growth, fun, and success! We’re not just an outpatient clinic; we’re a hub of awesomeness providing top-notch occupational, physical, speech, and feeding therapies to kids from day one and beyond.

Our dream team of dedicated professionals who live for those moments when a child’s eyes light up with progress and possibility. Changing lives is our superpower, and we’re at your service at our amazing Pooler and Richmond Hill offices.

We’re not just therapists; we’re passionate play enthusiasts on a mission to make every session a joyful adventure. Our commitment to your child’s growth knows no bounds, and we’re here to surpass all your expectations with our care, dedication, and results.

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We are hiring for the following full and part-time positions:

Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist- Pooler & Richmond Hill

Pediatric Occupational Therapist- Pooler & Richmond Hill

Pediatric Physical Therapist- Pooler & Richmond Hill

Speech Therapy

Is your little one’s chatter not quite hitting the right notes? Don’t fret, because Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy is here to turn those concerns into triumphs!

Communication is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities, and if you’ve got any doubts about your child’s communication skills, we’ve got your back. Our expert team is all ears and ready to help.

Curious minds, worried hearts, and caring parents, reach out to us at Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy. It’s time to transform concerns into confidence! Let’s schedule an evaluation that sets the stage for your child’s communication journey.

Together, we’ll make those words flow, those conversations bloom, and those connections strengthen. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a path to communication success!


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OT and PT

Is your little one’s motor skills dance a bit out of tune? Are their sensory adventures taking unexpected detours? No worries, because Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy is here to transform those concerns into triumphs!

From mastering the grandest leaps to the tiniest pencil twirls, we understand that every milestone matters. Our superhero team specializes in gross motor, fine motor, and sensory integration skills, and we’re ready to light up your child’s path to success.

Worried minds, caring hearts, and parents who believe in the power of progress, it’s time to reach out to Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy. Let’s turn concerns into courage and evaluations into exhilarating opportunities!

Together, we’ll jump over hurdles, create masterpieces, and harmonize the senses for a symphony of growth. Don’t wait – contact us today to schedule an evaluation that sets the stage for your child’s motor and sensory journey. Your child’s adventure awaits!

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